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Spitballs and Forcefields

Negative energy, don't we all have some of this within? I would think we would have to considering all of it that surrounds us. Is there a way to completely block it out and if so will it make me a happier person. You see, I am a fairly happy person. I enjoy laughing and being silly and letting the inner child in me come out to play every so often.

So last night I and a few friends were having a little get together. Ya know some jokes a few bottles of wine couple hands of cards. The usual. Well I had heard this news story on the radio earlier in the day that just made me think....wow....Weird. Crazy. So let me enlighten you guys on this rather odd and extremely disgusting news tidbit that fell into my lap while driving.

In some state that I'm unsure of last week there was a dentist who had his license taken away from him for injecting his "happy juice" into the mouths of his un-suspecting patients, telling them it was a dental rinse, and then asking them to swallow it. Well, apparently a few of the poor women this happened to knew what it was they had just tasted and got together and sued him. Upon a search of the dentists office they found several syringes in his desk drawer full of said "happy juice". YUCK!

Ok so the point to that was... my boyfriend walked in the room where me and my friends were all hanging out after he had come out of the bathroom and wiped his wet hand on me. Triggering me to think 'ewwww he just wiped pee on me' which then triggered me to think of the news story I had heard earlier cause it has to do with bodily fluids. So I tell my friends the story, mainly to gross them out as it did me. Then this guy, we will call him John. ( not my friend) starts telling me what a negative person I am and how he doesn't even listen to things like that because he doesn't allow negative energy to consume him. Okay, I am thinking John is a complete fucking moron. I was just sharing a news story. Then he goes into how he has this forcefield around him that no negativity can withstand. To quote him " It would be like a spitball hitting an airplane." What the fuck, dude??? By this point everyone is confused now and they all we all just keep saying, Huh? Huh? What? I'm confused.

Sometimes I just do not understand where people are coming from. Maybe someone reading this will understand where he was coming from. If so let me know. Until next time---

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