Saturday, November 13, 2004

Happy Birthday, Dear!!!

Today is my boyfriend of five years 28th birthday. This marks the sixth birthday I have shared with him and that means more to me with each passing year. I love the fact that our relationship has lasted five years. The longer we last the more proud I become, rightfully so I guess. It hasnt been a completely smoothe journey and I think that in many ways that just adds to my feeling of proudness. The fact that two people can disagree on many things--have the occasional tiff between each other and still overcome it all for the plain and simple fact that we do agree on one thing whole heartedly---the love we share for each other. There definalty is something to be said about that, yes indeedy!!

I would like to take a minute to thank Brandon for all that he has brought into my life and the things he has taught me. This is a person whom I trust with every inch of my being. A person with wich I share the common verbal phrase " I love you", but in my heart I know he could never utter those words to me again and I still wouldnt doubt the love he has for me. ( dont get me wrong I do like hearing it, tho!) He has helped me go from a pretty irresponsible person to being well on my way to official adult-hood. Now he is not perfect, by any means. But the things that I dislike about him I have even grown to love. Because in the grand scheme of things the things that I dont like about him are so minor and trivial-- they are more quirks than bad habbits or behavior.

So in closeing----Happy Birthday Brandon---may we be together for many many more. May our relationship and respect for each other grow each year with our ages. Thank you for being my rock. Thank you for loving me, crazy silly me, and all that goes along with that.


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