Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Go say Hi!!!

Good morning to you all, internets. I have some news to share. My sister has gone and started a blog of her own. Its pretty too. And she already knows how to do way more with it than I do with mine, so it should end up being a good read. So hop on over and go say Hi to her, then youll get too see pictires of my scrumptious and adorable nephew that I write of all the time.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Hectic Pickle

Today is SO hectic. Hectic from all angles. Angles at which I never knew hecticness could ever be slung at you from. But alas, I am off tomarrow until Monday, and its Christmas!!!! So I'll just do what I can and thats all I can do. The whole damn thing is people just DO NOT understand that I am not a fucking miracle worker. I am to them the maker of all problems and the fixer, at no charge mind you, of all problems. This puts me in quite the pickle. Not even a good quality pickle either, a bottom of the jar, last one left, soggy ol' shit pickle.

So I'll be here, being the soggy ol' shit pickle covered in hecticness that I am and as for the rest of the World---ya'll have a Very Merry Christmas!!!!

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