Saturday, February 04, 2006

Back In The Saddle Again

Well Internet it has been a while. A good while. Where should I begin? Well after I quit my job I took a long long 3.5 week vacation. Getting a job wasnt even on my mind. I slept until about two in the afternoon EVERYDAY, my house was spotless, laundry clean, I visited people and stayed up late every night! It was great but as time went by it started to get boring and then depressing. So on a Wednesday I woke up and decided that I didnt want to just sit around anymore and that it was about time I looked for another job so I got a newspaper and headed to my boyfriends job so I could use the fax machine and fax in some resumes, I guess I faxed in about 6-8 resumes and then I went back home. Thursday morning I got a few phone calls from my resumes and went to a few interviews. Friday I was hired. Monday February 6th I started my new job.

Now I work in Greystone at a real estate development company. When I started they put me in a cubicle and I handled all accounts payable as well as the homeowners association and alot of my boss' personal matters. I wasnt sure what to think of this job at first. Now I can say-- I LOVE it! I DO NOT go home stressed there is nothing to stress about, nothing. I can take a back road to my job and get here in 20 minutes. Its an 8-5 Monday through Friday gig. Love it! The best part is today I got a promotion! I got moved from my cubicle to a huge office with a huge desk and most of all a huge window. I just keep sitting here looking around, it is SO COOL!

I was also able to put my car dealership experiance to good use the other day and help out a co-worker who had car troubles but had no idea what to do.

By all acounts I would have to say that Im back in the saddle again. Until we meet again!

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