Monday, June 26, 2006

The Day The Music Died.

I wish that there was a way that I could package my feelings up in a little bow for the internet to read. However keeping my mind on the right track, let alone trying to be eloquent just isn't possible right now.

I have typed a post and backspaced it out now three times. I think I will wait a while until I feel I need to write about it. Please keep my family in your prayers.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Something Happened.

I just found out that my parents are getting a divorce after 30 (something?) years of marriage. I am going to go process this.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Well there isn't much happening right now in my life. We returned from Atlanta on Monday. We had a very good time with our best friends Ernie and Allison. Saturday we went to the Year One car show and other that looking at all the cool cars we saw Chip Foose and the people from Overhaulin. Sunday we went out on Lake Lanier on a very cool boat. I was glad to be home though. Not that it wanst fun its just that there really is no place like home.

We also finally got a new computer and our internet turned back on so now I can really get back into blogging, its hard to do it from work sometimes.

I have also recently discovered the wonders of You Tube. So last night I caught up with the rest of the world and watched the Britney Spears Dateline interview. WOW. I mean.......Holy balls, that was the saddest funniest thing I have seen in a long long long time. What do you say? What hasn't been said? Why is she making it so easy? The hair? The eyelash? The freakin see through top and boobs? I swear we were only centimeters away from a nipple shot. The air quotes? Impactful? Hang your head in shame Britney for you have out done yourself.

Then I watched Angelina Jolie on Anderson Cooper 360 and I mean, how can you hate her? So together, smart, passionate even though I am firmly planted on Team Anniston, you have to respect the work that Angelina does for so many less fortunate people who are overlooked all too often.

What about the new Gnarls Barkley song Crazy? That is my new jam. I love it. If you haven't heard it yet, you need to. Go to You Tube and watch his performance at the MTV Movie Awards. Good stuff.

Other than that I am just waiting on the weekend. The past couple of months has been so busy with cook outs and going places and my nephew spending the night that I have declared this weekend "The One Where We Are Alone". Yep, just Brandon and I. Good shit. I need to organize my house and I want to lay by the pool and while all of the things that we have been doing are fun and all the new people we've been hanging out with are awesome. I need some time to not have to worry about if everyone is haveing fun or needs anything or if the cats are going to get out etc. etc. etc.

Well there will be more to come........when something happens, I guess.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Colonoscopy anyone???

Brandon and I are fortunate enough to have an inground swimming pool in our back yard. We have lived in our home for almost four years and we have never really invited people over or had a pool party. This is for a couple of reasons a.) I know that if I invite people over they will think I am crazy and be bored and then I have to be even crazier to entertain them and/or b.)Our house isnt as nice as we would like it to be on the inside. The outside we completely re-did the spring after we moved in. But in reality I know that my house will probably never be as nice as I would like it to be so if I keep using that excuse no one will ever be invited over.

Memorial Day changed all of that. We finally gathered up the courage and invited real people over for a pool party. It went really well so I had them all back over again this past Saturday. Again, we all had a great time. These people are realativly new to us, as most of them we met through a mutual friend only a few weeks ago. In that group are two girls, Jennifer and Kate. Jennifer and Kate are very, very, very nice and I likey them alot. They also have came back to my home more than once which leads me to believe they likey me too.

Of course when your hanging by the pool with a bunch of friends, new and old, what do you do? You drink. So after a full day of this as the evening sets in you realize how drunk you actually are. On both occasions, Memorial Day and this past Saturday, as the evening set in and so did my drunken stupper...I have proceeded to tell EVERYONE my colonoscopy story. Twice. I have got to stop doing this or they really are going to think I am insane. I have no idea what compells me to tell new people about having a six foot rod shoved up my ass and polups removed. Maybe this is why people think I am crazy.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

10 Feet tall and bulletproof...

Okay so as I have stated before, I like to drinky da wine. Oh yeah. However, I am not a big fan of the way it tastes. Once I had this great idea that I would start sipping on martini's every now and then like the ubermoms Dooce( and Melissa( Well their taste buds must be dead because oh-dear-Lord martini's are gross. Definatly an aquired taste. So back to the wine- I drink cheap wine. Not for the price but for the flavor. Arbor Mist is good, its fruity and it doesnt give me heartburn, which is a plus. But I recently learned, being the lush that I am, that some of the other wines, in fact, most of the other wines have DOUBLE the alcohol content. Well, I mean, could the desicion be any easier? I switched. So now I have upgraded to Beringer White Zinfindel. It kind of tastes like vinegar. I can totally see now, how people drink martini's--alcohol content--that alone is the driving force behind the not-too-delightful flavor.

It is not uncommon for me to drink the entire bottle of wine in a sitting. Is that bad? I mean there are only like three glasses of wine in that bottle. Well I dont know what happened to the bottle I had last night, but I think it may have been spiked with moonshine. I am sitting in the floor playing on the computer and I drink, 1, 2, 3 glasses= empty bottle. This has been done many a time by me and usually I am left with a pretty decent buzz that I will eat away after I have enjoyed it for about an hour. Not this bottle. This magic bottle o' buzz. I was tanked, drunk as a skunk, drunker than cooter-brown, shnoozeled, gone. I could not walk, I could not talk, the room was spinning so fast that I felt like I was on a ride at the fair.

"Holy shit man, I am wasted!" I exclaim to Brandon as I stumble from wall to wall trying to make it the restroom. Brandon doesnt really drink so I am sure he finds this amusing...yeah right. I had to eat two hot pockets and drink two large glasses of tea, then I cried about our cats (whoa, what the hell? I can hear myself now "I looouurve our caatssp" and the tears pour) and passed out in the middle of the bed completly clothed, shoes and all. I woke up that way too. All of the above happened and I was out like a light by 8:30.

Needless to say I slept very good and I am fortunate enough to not have a hangover. So there.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Tribute

My fathers parents, Mamaw and Papaw (to me), were really the only grandparents that I have ever had. My mothers mom lives in another state and is a whole other story. My Mamaw married my Papaw pretty young after he had been released from the military services after getting shot up pretty bad in the war. (dont ask me which war, I have no idea) He really couldnt work much after that so my Mamaw got a job in downtown Birmingham with a small law office as a paralegal. With Papaws government check they did just fine. She didnt know it at the time, but she would work there for the rest of here life.

My sister and I spent many a weekend at their home when we were kids. It was truly innocent bliss. We were oblivious to the day to day struggles that a woman such as our grandmother might have to make or the feelings and stress of doing pretty much everything in her home on her own. We just knew that she was kind and always so happy and willing to spend what little free time she might have on a weekend with us. I recall as if I am still there the three of us, my sister, Mamaw and myself all piling up in her bed to goto sleep. She would sing old lullabies, probabaly from her childhood, until we drifted away to a sound sleep. In the morning my sister and I would rise before her and promptly get the state map out and plan an adventure for the day. Desoto Caverns, Noccallula falls and many more places were traveled to and not once did she ever say no.

She took care of Papaw as he aged, worked full time, was the sole care taker of their home and she did it all. At the ripe age of 56 she bought a brand new Camero and drove it like she was 16 again. She lived her life, really lived it. She found out she had ovarian cancer and then she battled that for three years before it took her from all of this. That was the first person in my life to die. The first and one of the most influential and loved people I did or will ever have known.

When she died I accepted it, after some time, and chose to think of what all she had accomplished, what a good person she truly was and how she had to be somewhere better. But this also left Papaw by himself. The woman whom was his everything is now gone. Papaw lived in their home for the past four years alone. My dad now filling the shoes of his mother, while working his full time job and doing the endless list of tasks of his own. This has been the sad part to watch. A man all alone in a home full of memories. A man so touched by what happened to him many many years ago in a war far away from here, that he sleeps with knives under his pillow and checks the door locks repeatedly in a day because he isnt quite sure he is out of that jungle, they could still be coming for him.

Papaw suffered a string of mini-strokes a couple of weeks ago which landed him in the hospital. After many tests and poking and prodding they released him and told my dad that his father is now dying of old age and that he will need supervised care. My papaw now resides in my old bedroom at my parents house. Of course, if you look at that bedroom now it doesnt resemble mine. It has the complete set up hospital bed and all and every day he seems to slip farther away from us and reality.

All of this takes me back to seeing my Mamaw suffer and being there with her the moment she died. It is all so much to feel and see and soak in. It also has me thinking of what I will do if I ever have to take care of my parents, like my father has had to do. But then you have to tell yourself that this is all a part of life, the way it is. You cant change it so you must deal with it. Deal with it.

My Papaw turns 75 years old today, he has fought in wars to protect our freedom and country, he was married to my Mamaw for 50something years, he will not be with us much longer and I am proud to have had him in my life and my family. These two people, Mamaw and Papaw, will live forever with me, in my heart, in my mind and in my spirit.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Rules To Live By

I am no easy person to live with (Thanks, Brandon), as a matter of fact it is not easy for me to live with myself sometimes. You see I am picky. I like to say that I have my own set of rules to live by. Just a list of things that I cant do and why or things that have to be done certain ways. Can you see how this might drive one insane? (Again, Thanks Brandon!) Its your lucky day because I am going to share some of my list and you can feel free to comment and tell me how wacko I am.

Rule#1) I CAN NOT EVER EVER EVER come in contact with ANY bug.
This is a serious rule here people. The absolute most important. I have a full blown phobia of bugs and reptiles and insects. I freeze, I cannot move nor take my eyes off of the bug. If I loose sight it is OVER! Once I was carrying groceries in our apartment and a moth flew in the door. I freaked, no one was at home. My solution: Run into bathroom, close and lock door, stuff towel under bottom of door incase this moth thinks it is slick and proceed to manicure ones self until boyfriend comes home to kill moth. He arrived home...THREE hours later. I was still locked in the bathroom. But I had the best looking toenails and fingernails this side of the Mississippi.

Rule#2)No one under any circumstance may ever touch my belly button, EVER!
This is no laughing matter either. I can not stand belly buttons. SO much so that when I wash mine I have to close my eyes and cringe and hurry the hell up and stop touching it already!! I don't know why but I see a belly button as a wound. For all that is holy, something dried up and fell of right there, in that very spot. This is not a place for decorating with rings and shit. I can not take even thinking about it

Rule#3)Nothing creamy or soggy may ever enter my mouth!
For starters, get your mind out of the gutter people. I mean creamy as in mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup, peanut butter and so on. I do not, have not and will not eat those things. (and that's just the short list) On the soggy side we have bread. I can not eat soggy bread, I will vomit. I eat everything plain. Hamburger- meat and bun only. Hotdog-wiener and bun only. Chicken sandwich- chicken and bun only. This makes Milos complicated, I love Milos. But I can only eat Milos inside the restaurant I cannot get it to go. I have to be in a place where I can eat that burger like it is the last thing on Earth in order not to let the special sauce get the bun soggy.

I think that should give you a good enough example. Oh there is more trust me but I don't want to scare you guys. Now leave a comment and tell me one of your picky ways or rules, C'mon you know you have them. They cant be half as bad as mine.

A friend has started a blog of her own. I think it would be nice if you went over and said Hi.

Civic Duty

All too often, especially in your adolescent years, we don't get that many chances to express our opinions or let our voices be heard. We try, but we also think that we know everything, so we sound stupid. Only to us do we seem to know it all. As you grow into an adult you realize, if your lucky, that you do not, in fact, know it all. Yes this may be a hard blow at first, but it sinks in and eventually your left with a voice in your head that never hesitates to let you know that..."Yes, Kelly you were SO wrong about that and your parents were SO right."

that's one reason why this morning before I came into work, I went and placed my vote in the primary elections for our states Governor. Then they asked me if I would like a Republican ticket or a Democratic ticket and I totally was all looking at them blankly. I don't really pay attention to who's a Republican, Democrat or Liberal and so on. I pay attention to the names of the people running so that I can study them (at least a little bit). I care about their values, agenda and background a lot more than what political party they represent. I wonder if this is normal. I wouldn't consider myself to be in any certain party. I have a wide range of views on an even wider range of topics. I try to take in consideration other people as well, for example: I am not gay (shocker). However I don't care if you are, I don't care if you live next door to me, I don't care if you get married, I have gay friends. It all boils down to the fact that YOU have to answer for what YOU do. Will it bother me if gays are allowed to get married? No. Will my life change? No. Will I have to answer for anyone's actions when I die other than my own? No. So go for it, I say. I don't want people in office who think and do exactly like or what I want them to. I want all different types of good, honest hard working individuals who can represent us all, equally and fairly. (I know that's a long shot, but just work with me here)

I only started voting a few years ago, I never did before that because I thought it was all a big load of shit. I thought that they were just going to put into office who they wanted to anyway and they just "let us" vote so we can feel like we play a part. Then we had 9-11 and, I don't know, that morning changed my views on so many things. In the two or so hours I sat glued to my television in horror and disbelief I grew up years, ions even. The next election came. I think it was just a small local election. But I was compelled to go vote. My mind flashed back to the images of people jumping from the Twin Towers as they burned and of the men and women being sent over seas, probably some at that very moment, to fight for our country, for me and for you and it was something I HAD to do.

I still wonder if my vote really gets counted, if it really makes a difference. But you know what? To me it does. It makes all the difference in the world. I felt proud as I walked out of the voting hall this morning, like I have in all the past elections I have voted in since 9-11. Proud that I have played my part, performed my part of the job. There is a soldier that will, more than likely, die today. He/She died to protect my right to vote, to be American, to be free. It took me about five minutes and it was no trouble at all, it was an honor. It is also a precious and valuable lesson I took away from a tragic moment in our history. I think that would make them proud as well.

Friday, June 02, 2006


I am about to head out of the office for lunch. Guess where Im going? How did you know that? Your right, Waffle House. I am excited about it too. When I think about it that could be borderline sad. Bump that. I am happy as a pig in shit because I am about to have breakfast in the middle of the day in all of its greasy goodness. I will review when I return. I know your jealous, want to meet me???


Why is it that, to me, breakfast tastes so much better in the afternoon or for dinner. I know. Because it ...Just Does. I was a rebel though. You know how they have those signs on the booths that read "Please reserve booths for 2 or more guests"? So if you are by yourself you have to sit at the counter (which I hate). I, just me, one person, sat at the booth! Im bad, Im bad you know it, Im bad! Yeah I like to stick it the man every chance I get. I could go on and give you about ten more examples of how much I enjoy rebeling, but I wont. Nope. So my breakfast-lunch was great.

However, I sat in a booth in the back corner by the window (I think they are all by the window)and across the street is an AmeriSuites Hotel. My waitress comes and takes my order and then I begin to stare out the window. Across the street at the hotel in the grass that outlines the parking lot I notice a girl in a tyedyed t-shirt and a guy having ,what looks to be, a pretty heated conversation. You can totally see his hands flailing and stuff. So my mind starts spinning...I wasnt sure they were fighting(not completly). The more I watched the more sure I was. She wouldnt look him in the eye, she kept her head pointed straight at the ground. There were a couple of times when she tried to walk past him, in my direction, towards the Waffle House and he would back up and get in her path. I was getting more and more uncomfortable for her. Then it happened, he grabbed her by the arm, with force, jerked/spun her around and nearly dragged her back toward the hotel building.

I turn around and look, as the restuarant was pretty busy, and everyone in there is oblivious to what is going on. By this time I am about half way finished with my meal. I am also contemplating what I should do. I see her break free from his hold on her arm and walk away from him and under a stairwell. In no time he is jerking her out from under the stairwell and the are walking down the side of the building. I go pay for my meal, tip my waitress and get in my car. I drive across the street to the hotel and circle the parking lot and there she is. Standing alone crying in the back parking lot. I roll down my window and ask her if she is okay. She looks at me perplexed as to why I am even asking her that. I tell her I just watched the whole seen from across the street and ask her if she needs some help getting away from that guy or if she needs to call someone.

Here comes the ASSHOLE out of the vending machine room thingy. She told me that every thing was alright they were just fighting and that she would be okay. I told her this was really none of business anyway but I had to make sure. Then the ASSHOLE spouts off 'Your right it is none of your business'. I explain to him that I saw his actions and that it only takes a coward to put his hands on a young lady (or any lady for that matter), I look at the girl one last time and ask her if she is sure and I leave.

Only I am stubborn. So I went to the hotels office before I left and explained to the manger the whole thing. Then I left.

You see the CRAZY thing is. Yesterday morning in Downtown Birmingham a young woman was kidnapped at her car in the parking lot of her apt. complex. They found her and the man who took her around five o'clock yesterday evening. She was unharmed. The news played the security camera tape of the ladies parking lot and her ubduction on the news practically on repeat. I was blown away when I saw that while this young lady was having a gun held to her head and being froced in her car and kidnapped another woman comes out of the complex and gets in her car (ONLY TWO CARS OVER FROM THE KIDNAPPING TAKING PLACE RIGHT THAT VERY MINIUTE) and pulls away. OBLIVIOUS!!!

I made a promise that I would try to be more aware of my surrounding and what other people where doing around me at all times. Not only to keep me safe but to help protect others. I will not hesitate to ask questions or even call the police if it looks that bad. I would only hope that the same happens for me if I ever need it. It is sad that we are all so damn consumed with our hum+drum lives that something so bad could happen practically right infront of someone and they cant see it.

Please try it yourselves as well. I wonder how many children we could keep from getting kidnapped or be able to recover from a kidnapper if we only OPENED OUR EYES??? For us humans to be so advanced sometimes we are just plain dumb.

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