Saturday, January 14, 2006

Quit T. Quiterson

Well internet I did a bad thing. On Friday I left work and I didnt go back. Oh yeah thats what I said. Im still not sure how I feel about it either. I guess I was too hasty in making the desicion to go from my old postion to the one I went to, but I honestly thought I could do it. I was wrong. Well not entirely, I could, in fact, do the job. It was all the mental and emotional bullshit that went along with the job that I was not prepared for. Little peice of assvice internet, never and I mean NEVER decide to be a service advisor in a car dealership. For starters almost every single customer will get pissed off at you for something at somepoint during their "experiance". Either they are mad due to the prices or if their vehicle is under warranty and its free they are mad because their new car broke down. Now I am a reasonable person so I know that usually people had a right to be mad and I would have been myself, BUT these people treated me as if I was the person who made the parts, assembled the vehicle, drove the truck that delivered it to the dealership, inspected it once it arrived, sold it to them, broke the damn thing and then tried my best to piss them off instead of fixing it. I am not, nor ever was, any of those people. I simply was the person who greated them when they drove up, talked to them about what they were bringing their car in for, advised them on anything their car needed at that particular mileage, and then passed the work out to the technician to be performed.

That starts a whole other side to the job. The technicians. A job all in its self. Thats all I have to say about that.

Long ass story short. I quit. I could not do that job a single minute longer. I have never cried so much in all my life. I cried at night because the anxiety of knowing I was going to have to wake up and do that job another day seemed too overwhelming. I single handedly wiped out a whole vinyard somewhere with my wine consumption. The stress has taken its toll on my complexion as well as my attitude. Once someone who smiled all day long now struggled all day long not to just melt down.

I guess the only thing that majorly sucks about it, is loosing what I had begun to consider a family of sorts. I loved, loved, loved where I worked and how (before I took this postion) we would laugh all day long. Also the benefits, I will miss those as well. But as to everything there is a flip side. There are other jobs out there with benefits and the hopes of keeping my sanity now all I have to do is go out there and swoop one up.

Its scary not knowing how this will all end up, but at the same time it feels so good to be free again. No one that matters to me is dissapointed and thats the reason I hadnt already quit. My parents never liked me having the job to begin with, with the hours and their impressions of what service people are like at dealerships. My boyfriend saw what the job was doing to me and after talking me out of quitting about 150 times, I guess even he knew it was enevitable. So there you have it internet. I am a shameless quitter who will catch ya on the flip side.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Just one question, por favor...

Hate is a strong word. Not only does it mean you do not like something, but to me it also means you despise it to its very core and if crime were a legal thing you could think of several crimes that would bring you real pleasure to commit against said "hated" object. BUT, you cant so you dont but that totally does not mean you can not daydream about it. I HATE my new job. I keep trying to give it more time but with every day the desperate cries of hate grow stronger. I wish that there was a way to describe to you what I do in a day but seriously I would win the record for the Worlds longest single post on a blog. Plus cant divulge too much here, God forrbid I get fired that would be the answer to my prayers, I mean, that would be bad.

So I pose a question dear land of the wise internet loving people:

How long do you go hating something but giving it your best until you throw in the towel???

I have been planning to at least give it six months and Im on month # 3.

Should I hang in there or not. decide my future internet or it may very well come down to a coin toss. As I beleive all lifes important decisions should be decided by.

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