Monday, July 24, 2006

Southern Speak


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

C'mon get happy.....

I never really wanted for much of anything when I was a kid, well, besides Name Brand clothing that my mother refused to purchase. However, family vacations werent something common place. As a matter of fact I can think of only four childhood vacations. Two trips to Panama City Beach(A.K.A. The Redneck Riviera to us southern folk) and one to Gatlinburg, Tennesse (also some sort of weird-o southerner vacation right-of-passage) these trips my mamaw took my sister and I. Then there was fifth grade at Rocky Ridge Elementary. I was on the saftey patrol (stop laughing, I dug that neon orange saftey belt and the power it bestowed upon me) for being an honor roll student and at the end of fifth grade year us super special saftey patrollers got to go to Washington D.C. for a week. That was a real trip, where there are planned outings and the whole nine. There is even a cherry tree we planted outside the Washington Monument that has a time capsule underneath it with a group photo of us and a message from each student about what we would like future people to know about us and that moment and the conditon of the world around us if they ever found the time capsule.

Other than the above I lived in Clearwater, Florida for almost two years and Kent, Ohio for a year and a half. This is it people. While Im sure I have been more fortunate than some I have a huge sence of adventure and nothing brings that out more than a trip. And have we noticed a pattern here. I have never really left the south on a vacation and I have never been west. When I say west, I mean that I have never even been 45 minutes west of where I LIVE. You could draw a straight line from north to south at the point that is 45 minutes west of my home and I have never crossed that line. Never. There is a whole lot of country left on the other side of that line.

Well all that is about to change. August 20th Brandon and I will be headed to Missoula, Montana for a week. Yep, look out west I am crossing the line, and when I cross that line as I sit in an airplane I will laugh and point and mock that line. (me looking out of airplane window: "Booya line, take that! hahaha Biyatch!")(Brandon sitting beside me on airplane: "Um, I do not know her, okay?") Do you know what they call Montana? Big Sky Country. Doesnt that just ooze glorious adventures and picturesque sunsets in the distance?

Of course now it will seem like 2,445,678.6666666 lightyears before it is time to go. But, none the less, it will come and I will go. Now I have to go study up on very afraid.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Where's Waldo?

I am angry with someone. Someone who might read this. However, I will not express my anger. I will be nice. Anger has no purpose other than to further bother me. I feel that that person is a little insensitive, very grudge holding and has a hard time with understanding and compassion. I feel that this person takes so much pride it it's own self that it is unappealing. Also judgmental.

Whomever you are...I forgive you.

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