Monday, January 15, 2007


I love when people read this site, even though I would ramble (or type) on wether or not you were here or not. But if you are here, tell me, leave a comment. Feel free to tell me how crazy I am, I feed off of shit like that. Anyways, the expectations, they are killing me. I have lost all wittiness and turned to mush. And with that mush I present to you the song that most represents the way I wish everyone would view everything. It is also the song Brandon and I have choosen to be "our song", since were sappy like that and we've been together for 8 years so we can pick if we want too. ( We made that up, but it suits us just fine so *D.W.I)

* Definition of DWI:

Deal With It


Dream BIG, Live RIGHT, Be GOOD to your fellow man because you NEVER know where he comes from, Hug your LOVED ones like they MAY NOT be here tomorrow.

Kelly's Words of Wisdom (laughter):


The. End.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Moving Right Along

And a new year it is. I have had a many a good and weird thing happen to me since the new year. I am tempted to put it into bullet form but since I already did that you'll just have to hear about it plain ol' paragraph style.

First, my job ended on the 31st. It was project based (meaning when the project ended so did your job) so that was to be expected, what wasn't expected was that the day I was going to start looking for a job (two weeks before my current job ended) my old job (Mazda dealership) called and asked me back. So it was confirmed today that I start back on this coming Thursday and that they have created a new position for me to fill.

Secondly, my ex husband called today. I haven't really gone into that whole thing much on this site because, well, that was the past and has nothing to do much with the Now. But I can't really explain the true weirdness and happiness I felt after that call without telling you some back story so buckle your seats people...the truth will set you free:

I was young and dumb and, like, totally stupid , and just wanted away from my parents. So I married the token rebel of our area. He was also young and dumb and full of teenage angst, and cute as hell in that muscular kind of youthful way. He was nice at first, but as time wore on so did his truth. I will not go into detail about the things that went on during that time, for that is not my right, but I will say that we both added equally to our own demise.

It did not take me long to move on from him but the memory of it has loomed over me always and on this day it was once again a reality. When he called it was actually pitiful, he was yet again lost. But this time he has children, I feel for those children. I think he thinks I am that same sixteen year old idiot who would fall for such games, who would some how swoop in and take care of it all as I did before.

I am not that person anymore. (That sentence feels good, because it is the truth.) It has been twelve years since I have spoken to him. I have lived, grown and overcome more than I ever thought I could have and I can honestly sit here and type (as drunk as I am) that I have NEVER been happier as I am now.

So that's it, that is all you're gonna get, in all it's mystical glory. I lived a whole different life, now I live a happy and fulfilled life and even though the "worldly" way in me wants to gloat about it I feel sorry for the person I talked to on the phone tonight for he had no dignity and that is a shame.

Thirdly, I paid my car off today. I own something in this world that no one can take away from me (probably being stolen out of my driveway as I sit here) and I paid for it with no one's help. I am proud of myself for this and feel as though it is a point in my life worth remembering.

Yeah so that's it for now but stick around the way things have been going for me lately something will happen any minute.


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