Wednesday, March 29, 2006

My Humps, My Humps, My Humps

Happy Hump Day to the Internet! Well the no events happened yesterday evening so I could bore you with how well dinner turned out or we could talk American Idol. Yeah. Lets talk about Chris Daughtry and his fine self. D.A.M.N. You cant really even talk about him I mean whats to say it is very well apparent that he is talented. Who gives a damn if that boy can sing just put him infront of a camera. SO fine.
Lets see what else? Oh, Lost comes on tonight. My boyfriend is odssesed with this show. I wont lie, I really enjoyed it in the begining. Then came all of the re-runs dear Lord in Heaven at the re-runs. So now I just dont care I mean we all know they are going to be lost on that island for a while because as soon as they are not lost anymore the show is over.

Big Love. Has anyone seen this show? I am totally in awe. These people, this lifestyle, how, why?? The sex alone has got to be exhausting. And what about Bill Paxtons jiggly bits all up on the tv screen when he ran and jumped in the bed with Margina. LOL. You guys have got to check it out. It comes on HBO I have no idea when I just watch it off of the OnDemand chanel.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

From the desk of........

Well I have to say that Im getting used to this office and I like it. Not too much went on today just a nice day at the office. (LOL, I cant beleive I get to say that now) So I guess Im about to head home to cook us up some dinner. Whats on the menu tonight you ask? Chipotle-Lime Shrimp and angel hair pasta, salad and parmesean garlic bread sticks. Almost homemade by yours truly.

My life has been sort of uneventful as of late. Office. Home. Clean. Cook. Sleep. Bathe. Repeat. I like that too. Who the hell needs events fucking things all up?
I am of a simple mind. I guess Ill check back in tomarrow maybe an event will have taken place over the evening.

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