Wednesday, March 02, 2005

And alls well....

Well I am sitting on my mothers couch, house/dog/cat/oh shit I havent watered the plants sitting, while they are presently in the Keys. Should I tell you I mean the keys in Florida or is everyone just supposed to know that? My Nephew and my Sister are okay and at home. Tre has to be as nonactive as possible for at least six weeks for the fractures to heal themselves. But he is okay. My Mom and Sister apparently made up and then my Sister called me to appologize for the hospital room incident. I went and visited Tre at home yesterday and made a stop at Toys R Us on the way. I do spoil him. I love to give though and he is a blast to buy things for I cant help it I melt. So Mom and Dad will be back this coming Tuesday and everything should go back to normal. I dont know how its been for the rest of you but the month of February was the longest suckiest month ever and I say farewell to February and close the door. Anyway its March now and things are looking up.

Nothing happening at the house next door. Still empty and winterized. And open...with no people living in there now Im sure creatures of all kinds have crept through those busted windows. I really am going to have to take some pictures of this house and my house so you can see. Im sure people who have read this think I must live in a slum. Not the case that would be directly next door. Anyhoo...

Youd think Id feel more at home at my parents house while they are gone. But I really feel so out of my element. I miss Brandon. How silly is that??? He is still only 45 minutes across town and if I was at home hed probably be getting on my nerves, but I miss him there. Hes a turd. My parents dog, hes a lahsa apsa named Sam..yeah..hes a pillow humper. You have to watch that little guy or there will be stuffing a flyin'. I miss my cats too. They dont hump anything and tear it up.

I watched a whole bunch of movies over the past week little review shall we??

--The Village- Good in a twisted sort of way. Deffinatly suprising.
--The Notebook- Best love story EVER I cried a river. Brandon wasnt home when I watched this but I feel he would of liked it as well.
--The Grudge-Stupid.
--The Manchurian Candidate- Didnt hold my interest at all turned it off after 10 minutes. Maybe I should have given it longer?
--Without A Paddle- funny. Bad acting.
--The Forgotten- Great movie. watched it twice.
--Blessed- scary weird.

I would like to thank the people who emailed me and read my blog for caring. I in no way intend to write depressing things all the time. I just had managed to stay out of what was going on between my family for so long and I had to let it out. I am truly touched that you would take time to say you cared.

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