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Random tidbits of my life....or something.

It is a beautiful day here in Birmingham. How's it going Internet? Yeah, it has been a while scince I have been here, so I thought I would drop by and share. Brandon and I were a Groomsman and Brides Maid in our friends Ernie and Allisons wedding the weekend after we got back from Montana. And what a beautiful wedding it was. On the day of the wedding I spent it with Allison getting our hair, nails, toes and make-up done and just keeping her from stressing. I have to say the day went by without a hitch and it seemed to just flow for us gals. Allison has been a good friend and so has Ernie and to be a part of their special day was, well, special. Brandon and I also got to walk down the isle together, he in his tux and me in my snazzy brides maid dress ( I am so glad they have good taste!). After being together for eight years and wondering if I will ever get "My" wedding, this was a thrill because it satisfied some small need inside of me. We were standing on a gazebo during the wedding, brides maids flanked the steps on one side and groomsman flanked the steps on the other side. Brandon and I were on the top steps so after the ones from the lower steps walked it was our turn. We each had to walk down the steps from our sides then around the front of the gazebo where we met in the center, then I wraped my arm around his and we walked down the isle together. The funny thing is as Brandon and I made eye contact walking to the front of the gazebo to meet, it was hard for us both not to giggle. We had this smile holding back laughter that said to each other "I know, I know." We also danced for a whole song, in actual public, on a dance floor for the first time. I love to dance, however Brandon does not and it shows. We danced to Patsy Clines' Crazy wich was more than appropriate seeing as how I sing that song in the shower and well, alot of people might say that I am crazy. Yeah so that was fun. Big congratulations go out to the Newly Weds!!!!

Lets see. After that my mom had some troubles with her heart that ultimatly led us to the hospital this past Friday were they went in to put stints in due to blockages in her heart. The thing is once they got up there they said the blockages werent bad enough to put stints in because they are only 50% blocked. I have tried to reason the logic in that, but I cant. So I have chalked it up to me not being a Doctor therefore what the hell do I know? My Aunt came in from Florida and I spent Friday through Monday with my mom to take care of her. So now we will go back this Friday and they are going to sonogram her neck to check for blockages because she deffinatly has a problem. But she is still here and maybe not the healthiest (far from it) person on the planet but shes not too bad off, so thank God for that.

Other than the above it has been the usual reteric of cleaning and cooking and laundry and work. I looked at houses on-line in Montana. I was shocked to see that we could actually afford to buy one, a pretty nice one at that. I look at the pictures from our vacation at least once a week and I wonder if you really can fall in love with a place, because I truly feel that I did. I miss those mountains and those towns and that sky. I cant think about moving without thinking of my family, my mom going through a divorce and when its over being by herself, my sister and her family that contains my favorite thing in the world, my nephew. I wonder how selfish it would be to leave and to want to do it as badly as I do. Over this winter we are going to put new floors in the house and paint the inside. I suppose when it is ready and we have to decide wether we want to sell it to move to Montana or not, thats when I will have to decide.
I also wonder if a place can make you want to be a better person and try harder at doing so, because I also feel that it did.

Ever scince we have been back I have tried a little harder at pretty much every thing I have done. My house is cleaner and stays that way, the laundry is staying done (one load a day instead of letting it all pile up until we had nothing to wear and washing it all), I have done alot more things for myslef instead of nagging Brandon to do them (which I know he is loving) and just a whole lot of other things. I guess there could be many reasons for this but I would like to thank Big Sky Country for it.

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