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It has been a busy week for me, and I am proud of this. I always feel good when I get alot done. I cleaned my house from top to bottom on Sunday. Not a speck of dust nor a stitch of dirty laundry in here, no sir.But, to my dismay, I woke up Monday morning with a fever. So I had a cold until today, thank goodness its gone. I got alot of work done today, wich is always a good thing. You see there is so much going on around me at my job,co-workers, customers and phones that never seem to stop ringing. All of that makes it very hard to concentrate on my specific job. I find many days where I have to concentrate extremely hard on ignoring everything around me just to concentrate on my job. Whewww, thats alot of damn concentrating going on!

So Saturday my really good friends moved away. They didnt move too far, it is out-of-state but only a three hour road trip. But I was still deeply sadened by them leaving and I already miss them a great deal. It is a move up for them, better job and getting their first house, so I am definatly happy for them and wish them all the best in the world. It was especially hard for me though because I dont get too close to alot of people. Friendship is a hard thing to be a part of. Not that I dont like it. It really requires alot of thinking about 'other' people. This I am not good at. Well not entirely, I do think about my friends all the time and care for them alot. But its the showing it part that I have a hard time with. At least I recognize my lack of good friendship skills and want to better them. But that like alot of things I want to better about myself I just seem to put off. and off. and off....You get the picture.

At least Im not sick anymore. Boy that sucked. But get this, now my boyfriends sick. Ooops. Im thinking of quarenteening him so that I dont catch it again. Nah, couldnt do that. Maybe Ill make him some soup. see that would be a nice thing to do. What-do-ya know I am nice.

Thats about all the boreing news I have today. Sorry if you read this and now your dissapointed cause it sucks. I hate it when that happens.

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