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From the desk of........

Well I have to say that Im getting used to this office and I like it. Not too much went on today just a nice day at the office. (LOL, I cant beleive I get to say that now) So I guess Im about to head home to cook us up some dinner. Whats on the menu tonight you ask? Chipotle-Lime Shrimp and angel hair pasta, salad and parmesean garlic bread sticks. Almost homemade by yours truly.

My life has been sort of uneventful as of late. Office. Home. Clean. Cook. Sleep. Bathe. Repeat. I like that too. Who the hell needs events fucking things all up?
I am of a simple mind. I guess Ill check back in tomarrow maybe an event will have taken place over the evening.

Days like that are wonderful. Routine is calming. :) Events do get in the way of relaxation. And your dinner sounded so good, maybe tomorrow. :) yum!

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