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'Tis The Season...

Happy New Year!! Well its almost here, right now its 5:36pm and I'm waiting for Brandon to get home so we can leave for Atlanta. The new year is upon us and Id like to wish everyone a safe and happy one. I do hope that many things turn for the better in 2005 and that the good things all around us multiply. When I say this I mean for the entire World as well as you and I. So many people recently lost their homes and families, if not their lives, in the recent tsunami. It sadenss me deeply to even try and picture that, even though I dont think I can. I have never expierianced loss or devastation at any level close to what they must be, I imagine it is probably 1000 times worse than the worse I could picture it to be. I pray for those people--we all should.

But there is also good in the World and for that I am thankful.

I have often wonder around this time what exactly all the fuss of a new year is. Isnt it really just tomarrow--just the next day--another day--same as today. Why yes Kelly, I think it is. But the thought of a NEW year, a clean slate is appealing to people I guess. I know I will be tomarrow who I am now and the things I want change about myself then I do now.

Brandons home--where out---Happy NEW Year!!!

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