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But I am no athlete!

I am in serious pain. This is the silliest craziest thing. I woke up this morning same as usual and got into the shower. It was then that I realized my big toes on both feet were on fire. Crazy fire. A stinging sensation I am glad to say I have never felt before. Not wanting to fall and crack my head in the shower in the wee hours of this wonderful Saturday, I did not look. As I stood there during the rest of my agonizing shower I couldnt help but wonder what the hell??! I stood shampooing thinking of the kittens and how they could have possibly been chewing on my toes sticking out of the covers all night. Eager to get the hell out of the water, I hurried through the rest of the process. Upon my exit of the shower I sat in the chair and picked up one foot and examined and then the next foot and examined. Much to my dismay I found under my two big toes, some sort of firey, stingy, blistery, rashy patch. Oh and what a patch it is.

I have never had any sort of fungi before so this is all new to me. As you may or may not know my home pc died so I am st my Moms house visiting and using their laptop. Anyhoo, I decided I would get this here laptop out like a flippin' genius and get on WebMD and look it up so I can be all informed. Well, mission accomplished! I am now informed and grossed out and very worried about the epidermis of the foot region. I shouldnt have looked at the pictures. Damn technology.

So now between worrying about when the skin and chunks of flesh clinging to my toe bones is going to fall off and working 12 hours a day 6 days a week (WALKING ALL DAY), I somehow have to soak my feet three times a day for 3-6 days and then use some Tinactin krap for 6 weeks! This is a sick joke right? Oh AND it said once you get this shit you are more likely to get it repeatedly. Not I! I do not have nasty feet, I guess because now with my new position at work I am on my feet almost 12 hours a day. In. Dress. Shoes. Who the hell knows, but I will now ne the most weird-o foot washer in all the land.... I'll be washing my feet in the damn Walmart rest room to avoid this shit again.

Athletes foot, who the hell called it that anyway?

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