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So fresh and so clean, clean.

I have finally solved the motivation problem....finally!! One word....cappucino. Yum yum! Only I dont drink it in the mornings, no not me, that would be normal, and who the hell wants that??? Nope I drink mine when I get home from work. Yep gives me just the boost I need to finish out the day in splendid form. For example..... I used to have a man at my work wash and wax my car every Friday, he did this for the low low price of 10 dollars. Come to find out he may have had a crack problem so they let him go, that was a year and a half ago. My car hasnt been washed since. I know that truly IS a shame. So yesterday I came home from work had my cappucino (French vanilla) and then I cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, washed dried folded and put up THREE loads of laundry, vaccumed the house, scrubbed the bath tub and then when I was done with all that I sat down on the couch feeling good. Next thing I know Im outside at 6:30 with a hose pipe in my hand, a bucket full of soapy water and one dirty-as-hell car. Oh wait it only gets better, after I washed it I decided to wash it AGAIN! I sure as hell did and next thing you know I am out there drying my car in the dark.

But let me tell you how good it felt to walk outside this morning and be blinded by the heavenly gleam coming from my ride. So in closing I would like to say......Coffee. Who the hell knew???

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