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A flying turkey. No way.

My car is the body shop, finally, for repairs stemming from a wreck I was in back in December. So I have been fortunate enough to have started my new job on the same day as a girl who lives down the street from me started and I have been riding to and from work with her. Yesterday on the way we were just driving along chatting and out of no where a turkey flew right infront of the car. Then the following conversation took place:

Me:Oh my gosh, was that a turkey?
Her: Yes it was, I didnt know they could really fly!
Me: I cant beleive I just got to utter the words, Oh my gosh is that a turkey.
Us: Histerical laughter insues

Now I have to say I have lived in Alabama pretty much my whole life and never have I come across a large turkey flying across the street missing close certain death by windsheild. It would not have been good, that turkey was big, total Thanksgiving Day feast sized turkey.

Turkeys can really fly? That seems odd for some reason.

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