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Baby it's cold INside

Well, it is the time of year to think of what you have instead of what you do not and to be thankful for those things and not take them for granted as you likely do the rest of the year. There are always a list of things on that list that are there every year. Youv'e got your standards such as food, clean water, housing, heat and air, a job, a car, a life to live. Except right now I don't have all of those standards. Like mainly the heat one.

(We interupt this regurlarly scheduled post to tell you that the space heater in my hall just exploded or something. I am still unsure but there is massive amounts of shaking going on as it scared the effing hell out of me and I am now typing with a fire extinguisher and a pair of scissors sitting next to me on the desk. There were three fireballs that shot down my hall towards the computer room I am sitting in at this very moment. Then to unplug it I had to run PAST it and was unsure if a fourth fireball might come hurling at me. I leaped the entire distance of my hall, Indiana Jones style.)

(Why the scissors you ask? Well this here fire extinguisher came with the house and someone decided to zip tie the ring pin in place. Don't worry about me though. I am prepared now. Space heater unplugged--check
fire extinguisher in close proximity--check (it's in my lap)
read all directions on extinguisher--check
noticed zip tie, thought "what the hell" and grabbed scissors--check
do not cut zip tie off unless fire breaks out and extinguisher must be used just in case there is a mystery reason for said zip tie in the first place--check check)

Now we bring you back to your regularly scheduled blogging.

So as I was saying there is not heat in this house right now. No where. It is about 42 degrees if I had to take a guess. I have on two of everything, still cold. I woke up and thought to myself "shiver me timbers!", the thermostat is all dead. They are going to work us in, so there still is something to be thankful for.

Brandon is sick and cranky and now he is "sick of this damn house". I have tried telling him that this is all part of owning you rown home but he aint trying to here it. You see I am a laid back, spontanious, go with the flow, why worry about things that you can not control kinda gal. Brand is a planner and a saver and a the universe is out to get us consiracy theory about everything kinda guy. Yeah, we never argue or fight at all, hahahahahaha!

So today I was going to clean the house, but now I want to bundle up and play on the computer until someone warms it up in here already. Jeez! Then I still have to go and purchase and prepare all the items I am contributing to the family Thanksgiving at my moms. ( My items are: deviled eggs, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and a cranberry pie. All homemade.)

I am thankful for a whole pile of things on Thanksgiving but I am just as thankful for them every other day of the year. It's the family time that I enjoy, and the food. I hope that you and your family have a great one this year. I hope you have many things to thankful for as well, including your heat! And if you don't celebrate this holiday I hope that you have a good day no matter how you spend it.

(There is a story behind that last sentance but I am going to save it for tomorrow!!)

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