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The Blue Alabama Sky

I love Sunday mornings. They seem to be my most peaceful times. It has almsot become ritual like, the way Brandon and I go about our morning on this particular day. We wake up just whenever we do, no alarm clock. We usually lay there a while just us and act silly as we wake, I know this because most mornings Im laying there laughing. Then its up to mosey around the house a bit, see what kind of day it is outside and tend to the pack of cats we call our children. Then the couch, we plop down on the couch for about an hour or two and watch Brandons car shows. He has a line up. Yes, I know, I do not enjoy this but it is me trying to bond and do something he likes.(note to reader: ALL he likes is car shit) I have found that over time you get used to the pain and I learn a thing or two so that when Brandon talks about it, which he does ALL THE TIME, I actually am not just lost. When I get lost in a conversation my mind tends to wander and then I always answer the person with..."Yeah, uh-huh", no matter what they say.

So back to the morning. Sometime during the tv watching Bradons mom calls, every Sunday. She lives in Utah so that is her 'time to call' so to speak. During this phone call I usually get up and straighten the house or cook breakfast/lunch. Today I laid on the couch a bit and stared out the window. It made me feel good. We have two big windows in our living room. The sky is so clear and blue today and it is a cold crisp winter morning. The beauty of it all amazes me still every day. The awe I have for the world around me sometimes seems to take my breath. It humbles me, thats for sure. Lets me know just how small I am in this whole big picture, how small we all are. It makes me thankful for my small slice of this life, no matter how difficult times may get they still are just that...times. Times I was blessed with to have and to have had them no matter how good or bad they were is better than never having them at all. It amazes me that just looking at a beautiful sky can make my mind dip so deep into thought about life and exsistance and gratitude. I am thankful I have an eye for the beauty we are surounded by, because that pictue can easily become a tainted one when you begin to factor in the harsh realities of this world. I enjoy these mornings, yes I do, I feel in some ways they help shift my attitude from the problems of the past week back to being me.

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