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Frustrated......among other things.

Right now I sit here upset. I sat down at this computer not 5 minutes ago, happy, eager to write my upbeat post about upbeat things.....and then the phone rang. Oh and how I long to go into detail about the origin of my current sadened state. I cant. I guess there are some things that you shouldnt post on the web. As theraputic as it may seem at the time a topic of family interest and disfunctionality might come back to bite me in the ass if I dish it out to the world. Or whoever it is that comes here to read.(Hey Allison!!!!!) Lets just say it is extremely frustrating when someone in your family is hurting and there is nothing you can do to help make it better. It is out of your hands, and if you tried to make it better you would probably make it worse and then also become caught in the middle. (that last part I know from experiance)

So now I am in no mood to be upbeat or go on and on about how I am planning a trip to Jamaica. As a matter of fact I am in no mood at all. Funny. I feel empty. Helpless. What to do?
Shit. No I dont have to , just.......shit.

On to other news my cat Milly had kittens AGAIN!! They are two days old. I am not getting attached to these though because they are outta here as soon as they can say... eight weeks old. Fortunatly she only had two this time also, less new homes to find!! I can feel this post turning into a dud and for that I am sorry. My mind is mush right now so I will return at a later date and try this whole thing again.

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