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My how the days go by....

Well, it has been quite a bit since I have traveled to this side of my world. I have had some wine. I have wrote once on this site before of a hurricane and not that long ago. Now I sit here yet again, with Dennis coming my way. We have prepared this afternoon by moving all the furniture off the patio and from around the pool. We do this only becaue we have cheap furniture that can very easily be blown away with a swift wind.

I sit here buzzed off my wine while I hear sounds of Brandon rumbling around frantically because our gutters (Gutters we had newly installed one year ago) are backing up, or some shit. Oh well. What can we possibly do at this point? It is raining by the bucket loads. There is no stopping it. Yet, he proceeds to do whatever it is hes doing, so I shall not get in his way! I have been meaning to write here more but my site isnt as pretty as some others I have found myself addicted to.

Until we meet again.....

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