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Today was the worst day of my life...

I can not hold it in any longer. Im spillin' the beans. Keep in mind I have had a few beers and I NEVER drink beer. Today I have been betrayed, my family as well, by my sister. My own sister. I am dumb founded, still in shock!
You see this has been an on going battle between my mom and my sister for a month. My sister being the mother of my moms grandson, it turn my nephew. Litle back story: My mom has kept her grandson for five years (he is five years old). My mom has been great for him as he has for her. By far beating the alternative, being daycare. He has been in a loving family enviroment and has been well read and played with and most of all loved. As I mentioned before he is a genious. My sister has continously treated my mom, well like crap. Getting mad at her because my mom and dad wanted to go on vacations and this did not coincide with my sisters schedule. I could go on and on but back to the story...

Well one awful day my sister drops my nephew off at my moms house and my mom and sister begin an argument. The argument lead to my sister takeing her son away from my mom. That was a month ago. MY nephew meant the world to my mom, they had an awesom relationship. My mom has been through so much this past month that she has been pushed over the edge.

Well if you read my last post you know that my nephew and I had a blast this past Satuday wHen he spent the night with me. And her comes the betrayl.

last night my sister had a car accident and my nephew was in the car. Apparently her husbad tried to call my mom and myself but we were asleep. This happened around 11 o'clock pm. So this morning when I got out of the shower my phone was ringing. My phone never ring that early in the morning. I answered. My mother procedes to tell me that my sister and my nephew were in a car accident last night. I freaked. She then told me how the had to cut my nephew out of the car. I called work and got ready as fast as I could and left to go get my mom ( she does not drive). I picked her up and straight to the hospital we went.

When we arrived we found their room. My sister was asleep and my nephew laid in the hospital bed with an neck brace on. I lost it. My sisters mother-in-law told us the brace was precautionary and that he had two hairline fracturs in his pelvis and a lesion on his spleen and a laceration to somethign I dont recall at the moment. But he was going to be okay. My sister proceeded to wake up and kick my mom and I out of the hosital room.

My heart is crushed, my mind is numb, I feel dead inside. There are datails I have left out and I hope my sister never reads this. They are just deatails that are pointless. But I have to forgive her.

If you have read my past posts you know that my nephew means the world to me. I would die for him to live. I never want kids of my own and maybe I shoudnt have gotten so attached. But he is a glorious gift from God. I pray for him and my family each and every night. I pray that this has to have a resolution for the sake of my nephew and my family.

I should note that my mom is in no way perfect neither my sister or I for that mater. But we are good people going through extremly trying times and I only want whats best for my family and my mephew.

I'm sorry for your trouble. My prayers are with you and your family.

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