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Will YOU help them too?

I have put alot of thought as to what to say about hurricane Katrina, if anything at all. I mean what can be said? I watched a one hour news program last night covering the hurricane and its aftermath. I cried the entire hour. I cried again this morning on my way to work while listening to people calling into the morning radio show I listen to (Ace and Tj) thanking them for what they have done and telling tales of what they had been through. I sit here now tears welled up in my eyes at just the thought of it all. But even though feeling sorrow for those who were/are effected is a good thing, my sorrow nor my tears arent doing anything to help. I feel silly as I sit here safe and cool, food in my cabinets, running water and power flowing freely through my home, clothes on my back and my family safe as well. Not silly as in funny, but silly as in how I take all these things and so much more for granted.

I have prayed for them all and will continue to, I also stopped at a Red Cross donation center yesterday and instead of eating lunch I gave my lunch money (the only cash I had on me) to them. I felt stupid only giving them a whopping six dollars, but it was all I had and it was the right thing to do. Afterall, I got to go home after work and cook dinner and eat and to tell you the truth it made feel guilty.

I would like to urge anyone who reads this to do SOMETHING, ANYTHING. There are so many places in the south that donations of any kind can be taken to. I know my six dollars really didnt make a dent in whats needed, but if everyone didnt eat lunch for a day and gave that money IT would make a difference. If everyone thought about this happening to them and about what they would expect there neighbors to do to help, you would realize its not how much you give its that you just do it at all.

Also if you are in the Birmingham area and are displaced from the storm and in need of help you can email me @ alabamakelly@gmail.com. I can cook a hot meal and offer a shower and help locate a shelter for you. I doubt that too many people who are in need are surfing blogs but it cant hurt to say it here now can it?

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How much do you rock? A lot. Great post.

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