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Colonoscopy anyone???

Brandon and I are fortunate enough to have an inground swimming pool in our back yard. We have lived in our home for almost four years and we have never really invited people over or had a pool party. This is for a couple of reasons a.) I know that if I invite people over they will think I am crazy and be bored and then I have to be even crazier to entertain them and/or b.)Our house isnt as nice as we would like it to be on the inside. The outside we completely re-did the spring after we moved in. But in reality I know that my house will probably never be as nice as I would like it to be so if I keep using that excuse no one will ever be invited over.

Memorial Day changed all of that. We finally gathered up the courage and invited real people over for a pool party. It went really well so I had them all back over again this past Saturday. Again, we all had a great time. These people are realativly new to us, as most of them we met through a mutual friend only a few weeks ago. In that group are two girls, Jennifer and Kate. Jennifer and Kate are very, very, very nice and I likey them alot. They also have came back to my home more than once which leads me to believe they likey me too.

Of course when your hanging by the pool with a bunch of friends, new and old, what do you do? You drink. So after a full day of this as the evening sets in you realize how drunk you actually are. On both occasions, Memorial Day and this past Saturday, as the evening set in and so did my drunken stupper...I have proceeded to tell EVERYONE my colonoscopy story. Twice. I have got to stop doing this or they really are going to think I am insane. I have no idea what compells me to tell new people about having a six foot rod shoved up my ass and polups removed. Maybe this is why people think I am crazy.

LMAO!! Well look on the bright side they must like your story cuz they keep coming back!

ROFLMAO!!! Kelly I remember a time that you would share stories with out anything being involved! Thats just you and that is why people like you! You are honest and straight foward holding nothing back!

Thank-you! I love reading your blog to!

A Six foot WHAT? OW OW OW OW OW!! Check Please!!

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