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My pack.......

It is amazing how much acts are like humans. Although, I do guess a dog person might say the same thing about dogs ...I guess, I do. Anyway, Right now we have 7 cats in our house. Yes, 7. Let me describe them for you:

Tibias. Four years old, all black, HUGE cat, nuetered and front claws removed. LOVE HIM!! He is the best he sleeps on Brandons pillow above his head every night, no exceptions. He slept on my pillow when he was a kitten, but as I began to bring other kittens home ( he was about 1.5-2 yrs. old then) he started sleeping on Brandons pillow. Jealousy--human like behavior.

Milly. Two years old, grey with some white swirley pattern thingy. Small. Tiny. NOT SPAID. ( I think thats how you spell that, I have never had to before) Brandon does not like her so much because she is extremely skiddish ( again another word I have never actually writtne before). She is that way because of how I came to get her. I work at a car dealership in the service dept. (warranty administrator, not a technician) and one hot summer day two years ago a tech found her under the hood of a car that had been parked in the hot, humid Alabama sun all sfternoon while wanting to be looked at by the tech. She was tiny I guessed her to be about 6 weeks old. They were going to let her go. Our dealership is by a highway, I could not let this be. So she came home with me. Fear she has kept with her since then, fear from a tragety---human like behavior.

Smokey. Two years old, all grey, recently nuetered . One day while I was working diligently at my desk the receptionist came in my office at sat this kitten in my lap. She then told me how one of the salesmans wives was taking a whole bunch of kittens to try and give them away. For fear that she might not be able to find enough suitable homes, I brought him home with me. Brandon did not like this but soon fell in love with him. His soft spot for kittens is bigger than mine. Smokey is very 'in' to things, literally. He opens everything and gets in it no matter what type of handle-----human like behavior.

Bobo and Bella. Six months old. The offspring of Smokey and Milly. LOL!!!! This obviously before Smokeys nuetering. Bobo is a male and he looks just like Smokey, his Dad. They even act EXACTLY alike. Right now Bobo is laying on the desk beside me where Smokey has always laid and they look just alike. Bella is a female and she looks exactly like her mother. The same small, tiny frame and all. Watching them grow and learn things has made me veiw them as children with totally---human like behavior.

The above cats mentioned were ALL keepers in this house. Sometimes Brandon says he would like to give Milly and Bella away but I willl not accept this. First of all I find it sexist. Why does he want to give only the female cats away? Secondly, I will not turn my back on a cat that has resided in our home for more than 3 months. They become family then, we get them acustomed to a certain lifestyle and I will not shove them off. No. Not happening. But then there are the other two...

Unnamed and Unnamed. One and a half WEEKS old. Both grey as of now, have no clue as to the sex of them. Offspring of Milly and Smokey, again before Smokey was RECENTLY neutered. These are going, they just have too. There comes a point when you have to draw they line. These kittens however are here because of negligance on mine and Brandons part. We should have had Smokey and Milly fixed before this could of happened. But that is water under the old bridge my friend. either way I am going to try and find them the best homes I can but if I cant then I will not take them to the pound. I cant bear the thought of them possibly being killed before someone addopts them and the only reason they are here is because of me not being a responsible pet owner. So we shall see.

I love all of my cats. They comfort me. To hear their purr when I reach my hand out to them lets me know I am appriciated for what I do for them. A jump in my lap followed by them laying down lets me know they are also comforted by me. They tell us when they are hungry, mad, ready to play, they have US trained to give them water out of our bathroom faucet and if we do not come when they call they will knock everything off of the bathroom counter untill we do. HUMAN like behavior.

I thank God for giving us domesticated animals, I think he knew that sometimes we would need the comfort of something free from evil just a being created by God to be a companion with.

I grew up as an only child with six cats, they were like my brothers and sister. The mother cat, Blackberry, was too young to be spayed when she became pregnant. We already had Strawberry, and Blackberry and her four boys (Kiwi, Shasta, Bob, and Ray) were too ill to give away. By the time they were better, they were family. Blackberry, the mom, was the last survivor and passed away last year. She was over twenty years old. Now, I have five cats of my own, and yes, they are just family. Lexie knows no other sibling than them...yet. Felix, Miadda, Tiki, Chikita, and TurkeySwoop. I can definitely appreciate your affection and love for your own family members.

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