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Busy Bee.....

Ya know how when you are logged into blogger to create a new post and it displays the screen that lists the titles of your posts and the days they were posted? I just glanced at it and it hit me, like a bat out of hell, that is a timeline of my life. I know, Im quick, right? Anyways, I got a kick out of it. Seeing your life summarized by date specific silly little titles kinda puts in all in perspective.

Well the weekend is upon us so that means it has to get dark, grey and rainy out or else!!! Jeez. I have a busy weekend planned, packed and loaded with fun filled activities for all ages. Tonight I iwll be feverishly cleaning the home and doing the laundry so that I can just get that shit done already! Tomarrow morning I have to wake up early and freak out all morning long because I have to leave at 12:30 to go to Huntsville for a blogging peoples meet-up, get there and totally make an ass out of myself either by A. Being too scared to say three whole words the entire time or B. Being so nervous if I do speak I fumble my words and seem just not quite right to the others. At least I will have an hour and a half drive back home to think of all the 'right' and 'smart' things I could have and should have said instead of " Hi, I really like your blog." Lets see, after I get back in Birmingham I am picking my nephew {*swoon*} to come back home and spend the night with me. From there its really a free for all of fun activities. I thought we might take in a movie on Sunday afternoon, go swimming, go to the park....and so on.

Needless to say, by Sunday night I might be a bit worn out. But in a 'my life is so full and Im so happy' kind of way. Hopefully. So stay tuned well reveiw Monday. UNLESS, I embarass myself so bad at the meeting I have to crawl under a virtual web rock.

It was very nice to meet you this weekend.

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