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Beautiful day in Birmingham today. Lots of work getting done in the office. Yup, it hasn't been a bad week thus far. I started going walking after work Monday through Friday at the walking track near my home. It still isn't something I eagerly await every day but I am learning to enjoy it. I am also all signed up to go to my first ever blogger persons meetup this weekend. Which will also be attended by the lovely Miss Zoot.(Misszoot.com)I cant tell you how much this excites and makes me sick at the same time. I love all things that I can turn into an adventure of sorts and this will definitely be one. I just don't want to make a total ass out of myself in front of anyone let alone a web-idol of mine. I have a plan though. I am going to be me. What a plan right?

I am hoping that this will put a spark back into my love of blogging as well as give me the opportunity to meet all kinds of different people. So wish me luck.

I too am scared senseless of meeting new people, but it will be fun. :) Look forward to seeing you there. :)

Have fun at the meet-up, good luck!

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