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The day I took a flying leap outside my box....

So Saturday morning I woke up and picked out an outfit and then proceeded to pace my hall. For hours. I was in and out of this crazy "this is SO not me" kind of place. Finally, I decided who the hell cares, so I took a shower and left the house. On the way to Huntsville I thought of many things but I eventually came up with this one fact. I was on my way to meet interesting people, each in their own right. This does not make me weird or somewhat stalker-ish or any of the sort. This make me a person growing up, broadening horizons and all that junk. Yeah I know I can reason anything out if you give me a few minutes. So I got there and the unexpected happened..... I met five cool people.

I can not lie, when I told the people at the door who I was there to meet and they pointed me around the corner to a table with people at it, I could have simultaneously passed out and barfed. Then after that it was surreal for a little bit. Inside my head kept saying "Am I really sitting next to Miss Zoot? Where am I? Do you think anyone would notice if I just pinched myself really hard? I MUST be dreaming." After it all settled I was very delighted at the table of individuals before me.

Miss Zoot (Misszoot.com)- Well I mean I still haven't processed it. She is her site. Real. Cool. Pretty. Brave. I admire her. Also very talented at keeping the conversation going and just being down to earth. If you haven't stopped by her site you should.

El Frederick (blog.elfrederick.org)- This poor guy. He was very nice and down to earth as well. He though, almost drown in an estrogen sea. I totally told my boyfriend he has to come next time to even out the ratio to make it fair. He seemed not to be to bothered by it though. Good people.

Paige (paigesdeepthoughts.blogspot.com)- She and her Husband were there. Paige was a little quite (who can blame her?) but very nice as well as her husband. They have a dog and no children. Also good people.

Weaker Vessel (Weaker-vessel.com)- Extremely nice and outgoing. She seemed to be a very happy person, like a smile was always on her face. I liked that. Also great at keeping the conversation going. Definitely a pleasure to have met.

All in all, it couldn't have gone better in my opinion. It wasn't a large group but in so many ways that was a good thing. I don't think that I made a flaming, glowing ass out of myself. I left feeling more of an adult, more of a free spirit and most of all more of a part of something.

I'm so glad you were able to make it! And I'm also glad someone else was as nervous as I was because I was TERRIFIED. I wont even go into the details of my bizarro dreams from this week!!!

I think I'll bring MrZ next time too!

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