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Play Just a Little...

My nephew Tre spent the night with me Saturday night. I picked him up at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. I had already thought of a line up of things for us to do, but I have a budget, so I decided to give him the choice. So we are in the car headed back towards the city and I ask him..."Tre, would you like to go to the McWane Center and the movies later or do you want to goto Chuck-E-Cheese and Toys-R-Us and the movies later?" Tre asked " Whats the McWane Center?" To wich I replied " Its like a museum wiht lots of cool stuff to do." I explained about the Imax movie and the interactive stuff for kids his age. Well he picked and off to Chuck-E-Cheese and Toys-R-Us and the movies we went.

I have to day I did not mind his choice. We had so much fun. We ate pizza and played games and Tre won a bubble gum machine with all the tickets we had one. Then on to the toy store. I gave Tre a twenty dollar bill in the car before we went in, mainly as a way to budget myself, and told him he could only get what that could buy. He was definatly okay with that. Then when we got in the store we looked at a couple isles and came across an Imaginext set. Its buildable toys that can be taken apart and rebuilt differently and so on. This one was a pirate ship and it was cool. Busted my budget and out we went with the pirate ship. We went home and ate dinner and built the pirate ship together and played with it. I really have too much fun being on that level. Then we found a movie to go see, Because of Winn-Dixie, it was a cute movie. I have to say my little nephew is the best movie date ever. We laugh and eat popcorn and I know I have the cutest little man there. I cherish these times with him because I know one day all too soon he will be grown and a real girl will be getting all his attention. Needless to say when we got home we were beat, but we managed to stay awake long enough to play another couple hours.

So I am not getting the Wal-Mart job. Turns out you have to work at least 23 hours a week to be part time and employed by them. No way. I only put I was available for aprox. 16 hours a week and will not go above that. This is a second job for a little extra money--Ill pass. I cant say Im upset at all. So I wont.

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