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Next Door

There were some people at the house next door. They put caution tape around the stairway to the back porch, probabaly because that whole thing looked like it was ready to go at any given moment, and they taped two signs on the front of the house; one on a window and one on the front door. The signs both read: WARNING Do not enter. This house has been winterized. Antifreeze has been added to the toilets and sinks. The water has been shut off. Somethin' somethin' Reality. So who knows whats thats about. Im interested to see what happens, my moneys on the fact that someone, whoever apparently forclosed on the house, bulldozes it. We shall see.

As for the dog, animal control came to get him. You see our back yard just isnt suitable for a dog or we would of already gotten one along time ago. Not that we have a bad backyard, we just have an inground pool and most of the yard is concrete.

Going to clean the house now, joy joy!

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