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Do you know what aisle the guava juice is on??

I applied for a second job yesterday. A part time job. Just a few nights a week after my real job and Id still have my off days. Its a nothing special job, WalMart. Please dont laugh. But I already have a good job with 2 weeks paid vacation, great health and dental, 401K and the pay aint bad. It just only pays the bills pretty much. There is alot more to life than just bills as far as money being spent. Although, I guess in someway everything can be looked at as a bill. Anyhow, so its not like I need another stressful job. Im looking for easy money here people. So we will see, I sure will feel bad if I dont get the job though. I wonder if I get the job if I'll get a discount on everything in WalMart??? That would be awesome even if its like 15%, do you know how much of my money I already spend there. That really is the only place I shop unless I need clothes and I have been known to buy the ocasional WalMart shirt, they were cute. SO anyways I am hopeing this might be a fix to my motivation deprevation.

In other news I found homes for the two newest kittens. This made me happy and sad. They still have two weeks before I can take them away from Milly, their mother.

I kinda feel blah this week thus far. The family drama is still a blazin', thankfully without me in ANY of it!!! (Thank you Lord) It has got me all upset though, I dont think anyone could really tell it though I just feel blah inside and Im sure thats why. My nephew is coming to stay with me this Saturday night and we are going o have a BLAST though!!! I am excited about this!

Brandon and I shared our sixth Valentines together. We went out to eat with our friends Ernie and Alison in Georgia!! We went to one of those Japanese Hibatchi cook-in-front-of-you type places on Sunday evening. It was good..mmm..mmm..good. I had sushi for the first time. It wasnt bad, Id like to try more. We had laughs and drinks and a good time was had by all. We followed that up with a little pool and alot more drinks, for the girls that is. It was fun some may say a little too much
fun! LOL. Thanks again for having us guys!!!

I hope the second job does solve your motivation issue. I couldn't do it though. It would wear me ragged, and I wouldn't have any time to spend the extra money since I'd always be at work. Glad to hear about the kittens too, but what about the neighbor boney dog? What's going on with the funky house? Have you thought about taking any culinary courses? Perhaps you may have found some hidden hobby/talent with your new cooking endeavor. If you walk 1-2 miles 3-4 times a week it only takes about half an hour, you'll loose some of that "extra" you mentioned, and it is INSANELY theraputic. Walking is amazing. I have started doing it 4-5 days a week for 30 minutes, I go about 1 1/2 miles. I listen to audio books on my mp3 and the time flies, I LOVE it. I am enjoying your blog, thanks.

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