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The Five G's

Good--Behave well, dont retaliate, even if it is attractive to do so.

Gracious--Give the other person the bennifit of the doubt; allow for different oppinions; dont always need to be the one whos right.

Grateful--Be thankful for the things you have not greedy for those you dont. There are many intangibles to be greatful for on a daily basis.

Gentle-- Be gentle to others, especially animals and those at both ends of the age spectrum. Dont judge others: you dont live their lives nor do you know what issues and pains they go through on a daily basis. People wont always be gentle to you, but its important to strive for gentility in our lives.

Generous--Give to others freely. Giving to others gives us energy for ourselves, provides us with an undeniable richness in our hearts. The Bible says it is better to give than receive and it is true. While its fun to receive gifts andhelp from others, it is so much a deeper feeling of joy to be able to give to others, especially thos who are truly in need.

I stole this from another blog but I dont remember which, I started not to post it but decide that it is deffinatly a message worth passing along. If I ever find out where I got it I will credit it to them. If you read this and it was your blog please leave a comment so I know. Have a superific day!

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