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Lost Idol

Well we have yet another Idol hailing from Birmingham. Big congratulations to Taylor Hicks!!! I have to be honest here I didnt always like Taylor, well let me rephrase, I dont like the music Taylor sings but he can sing it well. I wasnt suprised but I thought that Katherine was really really good so I knew it could go either way.

I have a friend that moved here to Alabama from California and she loves American Idol but stated to me that it is in no way as big out West as it is here. Just watch the morning news or what I have been calling Idol news, cause thats all that it has been. I guess its still fair though, but as long as people continue to make it that are from the south they will continue to be in the top finalists with a better chance of winnig than our western friends.

LOST- I missed the first hour due to Idol but I was able to pretty much catch up. Who are the others???? Where did Locke and Eko go? Do yall think Micheal will really get rescued and if so will he realy not tell a soul about the island? Why wouldnt he be able to find it again? I am beigining to think that the island is located in a crack in time and the planets have to be aligned perfectly to enter or exit the crack. I know I am totally wrong but who cares. OH, what about Desmonds wife what the hell does she have to do with it? has she been looking for Desmond all thuis time and could those men think that they have found where he could be? Questions, questions, questions. The writers on this show are good I have to give it to them. the more questions they can put in our heads the more I have to watch it to figure it out.

FYI- i just compltetly broke my thumbnail off. Past the quick. Typing. Fun. Stinging. Poop.

Tomight my nephew Tre gets his black belt. This is something that he has worked for for the past two years and I am so proud of him. So internet big round of applause for Tre!!!!! <**Loud Clapping And Hooting Insues**>

Seacrest, Out!

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