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Lunch or What the hell is that? or Did I pass out on the ground and a dog shat in my mouth?

I just had the most disgusting lunch in all of the land, no make that all of the universe. It was really bad. Has anyone ever had macaroni and cheese that tasted like sugar and sour cream and looked like curdled milk? No. Really? Well then, what about corn off the cob that tasted like peppered turds and toilet water? Still no? Well unfortunately now I can say that I have had those things and I may have to be hypnotized to get the memory of them out of my brain. Lets just put it this way on the way back into the office I stopped at the restroom and actually pumped the hand soap from the dispenser straight into my mouth, then I added water and gargled. Now when I burp there are bubbles. I still don't think I can truly describe the grossness of it to you in a way where you to might vomit a little inside your mouth. (Which would still taste better)

Speaking of corn. How does it make it back out whole? I have always chalked this up to the corn fraggels. Yes they reside down there in your stomach just like the little miner fraggels you've seen on TV, only their sole purpose is to put the corn back together. I love corn and eat a lot of it and I always remember chewing it, as I like to do with all of my food, so I must be right.

Anyways I am now sitting back at my desk...HUNGRY. That chaps my ass.

Oh my god...for the love of all that is holy I just sat here at my desk laughing so loud at this post I almost peed my pants here at work.

I found your blog through Amalah and I am SOOOOO adding it to my links to visit.

You CRACK me the hell up! When I got to this post, I had to comment because YOU ARE FUNNY!!

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