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10 Feet tall and bulletproof...

Okay so as I have stated before, I like to drinky da wine. Oh yeah. However, I am not a big fan of the way it tastes. Once I had this great idea that I would start sipping on martini's every now and then like the ubermoms Dooce(Dooce.com) and Melissa(suburbanbliss.net). Well their taste buds must be dead because oh-dear-Lord martini's are gross. Definatly an aquired taste. So back to the wine- I drink cheap wine. Not for the price but for the flavor. Arbor Mist is good, its fruity and it doesnt give me heartburn, which is a plus. But I recently learned, being the lush that I am, that some of the other wines, in fact, most of the other wines have DOUBLE the alcohol content. Well, I mean, could the desicion be any easier? I switched. So now I have upgraded to Beringer White Zinfindel. It kind of tastes like vinegar. I can totally see now, how people drink martini's--alcohol content--that alone is the driving force behind the not-too-delightful flavor.

It is not uncommon for me to drink the entire bottle of wine in a sitting. Is that bad? I mean there are only like three glasses of wine in that bottle. Well I dont know what happened to the bottle I had last night, but I think it may have been spiked with moonshine. I am sitting in the floor playing on the computer and I drink, 1, 2, 3 glasses= empty bottle. This has been done many a time by me and usually I am left with a pretty decent buzz that I will eat away after I have enjoyed it for about an hour. Not this bottle. This magic bottle o' buzz. I was tanked, drunk as a skunk, drunker than cooter-brown, shnoozeled, gone. I could not walk, I could not talk, the room was spinning so fast that I felt like I was on a ride at the fair.

"Holy shit man, I am wasted!" I exclaim to Brandon as I stumble from wall to wall trying to make it the restroom. Brandon doesnt really drink so I am sure he finds this amusing...yeah right. I had to eat two hot pockets and drink two large glasses of tea, then I cried about our cats (whoa, what the hell? I can hear myself now "I looouurve our caatssp" and the tears pour) and passed out in the middle of the bed completly clothed, shoes and all. I woke up that way too. All of the above happened and I was out like a light by 8:30.

Needless to say I slept very good and I am fortunate enough to not have a hangover. So there.

LOL! Try the apple tini or another fruity flavor. The Blue Monkey is a REALLY GOOD place to go and get some good ones. They have a french tini, peach tini, and a signature drink called a Blue Monkey tini (ITS REALLY FREAKIN GOOD!!) BUT becareful drinking them or you will end up like me! I got carried out of there a few weeks ago DRUNK AS HELL and threw up blue crap for an hour!

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