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Civic Duty

All too often, especially in your adolescent years, we don't get that many chances to express our opinions or let our voices be heard. We try, but we also think that we know everything, so we sound stupid. Only to us do we seem to know it all. As you grow into an adult you realize, if your lucky, that you do not, in fact, know it all. Yes this may be a hard blow at first, but it sinks in and eventually your left with a voice in your head that never hesitates to let you know that..."Yes, Kelly you were SO wrong about that and your parents were SO right."

that's one reason why this morning before I came into work, I went and placed my vote in the primary elections for our states Governor. Then they asked me if I would like a Republican ticket or a Democratic ticket and I totally was all looking at them blankly. I don't really pay attention to who's a Republican, Democrat or Liberal and so on. I pay attention to the names of the people running so that I can study them (at least a little bit). I care about their values, agenda and background a lot more than what political party they represent. I wonder if this is normal. I wouldn't consider myself to be in any certain party. I have a wide range of views on an even wider range of topics. I try to take in consideration other people as well, for example: I am not gay (shocker). However I don't care if you are, I don't care if you live next door to me, I don't care if you get married, I have gay friends. It all boils down to the fact that YOU have to answer for what YOU do. Will it bother me if gays are allowed to get married? No. Will my life change? No. Will I have to answer for anyone's actions when I die other than my own? No. So go for it, I say. I don't want people in office who think and do exactly like or what I want them to. I want all different types of good, honest hard working individuals who can represent us all, equally and fairly. (I know that's a long shot, but just work with me here)

I only started voting a few years ago, I never did before that because I thought it was all a big load of shit. I thought that they were just going to put into office who they wanted to anyway and they just "let us" vote so we can feel like we play a part. Then we had 9-11 and, I don't know, that morning changed my views on so many things. In the two or so hours I sat glued to my television in horror and disbelief I grew up years, ions even. The next election came. I think it was just a small local election. But I was compelled to go vote. My mind flashed back to the images of people jumping from the Twin Towers as they burned and of the men and women being sent over seas, probably some at that very moment, to fight for our country, for me and for you and it was something I HAD to do.

I still wonder if my vote really gets counted, if it really makes a difference. But you know what? To me it does. It makes all the difference in the world. I felt proud as I walked out of the voting hall this morning, like I have in all the past elections I have voted in since 9-11. Proud that I have played my part, performed my part of the job. There is a soldier that will, more than likely, die today. He/She died to protect my right to vote, to be American, to be free. It took me about five minutes and it was no trouble at all, it was an honor. It is also a precious and valuable lesson I took away from a tragic moment in our history. I think that would make them proud as well.

I always have the same concern but I operate under the assumption that the vote counts. Sadly, mine hasn't seem to influence much in the last decade ;-)

I went to go vote this morning too. And as usual when I go to vote I COMPLETELY forget who I wanted to vote for OR I want to vote for people who are Republican and Democratic! I wonder sometimes if my vote counts, but I do it cause it is my right that someone fault for. Keep it up!

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