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I am about to head out of the office for lunch. Guess where Im going? How did you know that? Your right, Waffle House. I am excited about it too. When I think about it that could be borderline sad. Bump that. I am happy as a pig in shit because I am about to have breakfast in the middle of the day in all of its greasy goodness. I will review when I return. I know your jealous, want to meet me???


Why is it that, to me, breakfast tastes so much better in the afternoon or for dinner. I know. Because it ...Just Does. I was a rebel though. You know how they have those signs on the booths that read "Please reserve booths for 2 or more guests"? So if you are by yourself you have to sit at the counter (which I hate). I, just me, one person, sat at the booth! Im bad, Im bad you know it, Im bad! Yeah I like to stick it the man every chance I get. I could go on and give you about ten more examples of how much I enjoy rebeling, but I wont. Nope. So my breakfast-lunch was great.

However, I sat in a booth in the back corner by the window (I think they are all by the window)and across the street is an AmeriSuites Hotel. My waitress comes and takes my order and then I begin to stare out the window. Across the street at the hotel in the grass that outlines the parking lot I notice a girl in a tyedyed t-shirt and a guy having ,what looks to be, a pretty heated conversation. You can totally see his hands flailing and stuff. So my mind starts spinning...I wasnt sure they were fighting(not completly). The more I watched the more sure I was. She wouldnt look him in the eye, she kept her head pointed straight at the ground. There were a couple of times when she tried to walk past him, in my direction, towards the Waffle House and he would back up and get in her path. I was getting more and more uncomfortable for her. Then it happened, he grabbed her by the arm, with force, jerked/spun her around and nearly dragged her back toward the hotel building.

I turn around and look, as the restuarant was pretty busy, and everyone in there is oblivious to what is going on. By this time I am about half way finished with my meal. I am also contemplating what I should do. I see her break free from his hold on her arm and walk away from him and under a stairwell. In no time he is jerking her out from under the stairwell and the are walking down the side of the building. I go pay for my meal, tip my waitress and get in my car. I drive across the street to the hotel and circle the parking lot and there she is. Standing alone crying in the back parking lot. I roll down my window and ask her if she is okay. She looks at me perplexed as to why I am even asking her that. I tell her I just watched the whole seen from across the street and ask her if she needs some help getting away from that guy or if she needs to call someone.

Here comes the ASSHOLE out of the vending machine room thingy. She told me that every thing was alright they were just fighting and that she would be okay. I told her this was really none of business anyway but I had to make sure. Then the ASSHOLE spouts off 'Your right it is none of your business'. I explain to him that I saw his actions and that it only takes a coward to put his hands on a young lady (or any lady for that matter), I look at the girl one last time and ask her if she is sure and I leave.

Only I am stubborn. So I went to the hotels office before I left and explained to the manger the whole thing. Then I left.

You see the CRAZY thing is. Yesterday morning in Downtown Birmingham a young woman was kidnapped at her car in the parking lot of her apt. complex. They found her and the man who took her around five o'clock yesterday evening. She was unharmed. The news played the security camera tape of the ladies parking lot and her ubduction on the news practically on repeat. I was blown away when I saw that while this young lady was having a gun held to her head and being froced in her car and kidnapped another woman comes out of the complex and gets in her car (ONLY TWO CARS OVER FROM THE KIDNAPPING TAKING PLACE RIGHT THAT VERY MINIUTE) and pulls away. OBLIVIOUS!!!

I made a promise that I would try to be more aware of my surrounding and what other people where doing around me at all times. Not only to keep me safe but to help protect others. I will not hesitate to ask questions or even call the police if it looks that bad. I would only hope that the same happens for me if I ever need it. It is sad that we are all so damn consumed with our hum+drum lives that something so bad could happen practically right infront of someone and they cant see it.

Please try it yourselves as well. I wonder how many children we could keep from getting kidnapped or be able to recover from a kidnapper if we only OPENED OUR EYES??? For us humans to be so advanced sometimes we are just plain dumb.

Awesome! Everyone should start doing a part on helping out and keeping assholes in their place!

Isn't it sad how self centered we all have become? I love your idea of watching out for other, and I want to thank you for offering helping to that woman. My mother was in a very abusive relationship when I was younger and I wish the people who witnessed it were more willing to help like you. Hopefully more people will take their heads out of their butts and realize compassion is good too.

Im so proud of you..most people would have just drove away without a second thought. More people need to be more like you!

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