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Wow, what a weekend. I hope that everyone out there got to enjoy a nice long weekend with friends and family and laughter and good food, like I did. There were cook outs at my parents house and at my house and a bevy of other activities throughout. Yesterday though was the first time that Brandon and I have ever had a pool party at our house. I guess we always thought people wouldn't have any fun or that our home wasn't as nice as we would like it to be so we just didn't do it. Not anymore. It was a blast we had some great food and very very very nice people and the sun was shining and the pool water was 84 degrees. Perfect. The group cleared out all at once last night at 9:30 and by 9:45 Brandon and I were snug as two bugs in a rug, in our bed, fast asleep by 10.

The home stayed pretty well clean during the event as well, I think I may be able to run the vacuum cleaner through the house and take the trash out this evening and it will be back to its normal self. I am glad that its a short week now though because I am tired and this coming weekend is the Festival in my town that I always take my nephew, Tre, too. So its just fun to be me, I guess!

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