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Two sides to every story......

Due to spam commenting I had to change it where when someone leaves a comment on my blog I get emailed and I approve it before it will appear on the site. Yesterday Brandon, the boyfriend, read my blog. Something he hardly ever does and found my last post of great interest. (how funny) So this morning when I checked my email along with a few other comments was one of his very own, and first from him on this site. In the interest of fairness his comment follows:

Brandons comment for yesterdays post (Will YOU marry me? Please!!):

I never said anything about not having children was the reason for not getting married. Never said I did not want to get married! I sacrifice things so we have a house(or our cats have a house we don't)a place for us to dwell and enjoy, swim, sleep and eat. you know I sold my (ur favorite) car to get our house.i now have old decrepit vehicles(my choice they are investments)which I work on myself and I don't mind.i have simplified my life to the point I don't have one.when is the last time we went to the races? before I sold my car.4 years ago.when we go to Atlanta to visit and I ask you about the race track it is just blah blah nah.i have gotten so used to no I don't even ask anymore. I have to watch the shows you want to watch which I don't mind we are spending time together but it would be nice if I got to choose something and you watched it with me as I do you.instead of calling it stupid. I am so tired of reality TV f_ck there life I want my own.wasting your life watching someone else's sucks.how often do I get to choose what we watch.i don't even like sports. your never stuck watching a football game. you will say I choose all the time.when? anytime ur in bed. I wake and handle the cats, pool, trash, yard,and anything else that needs fixed or handled.(I know your tired of hearing that) you get to go do anything you want just about.like this weekend you went out I stayed at home. if we had more money you would do eveything you wanted.(me too for that matter) I hender you not.the only thing I need from you to get married is for you to care about our house hold and me. I have all these things that I have to tend to and that I don't have a choice in doing. I just have to do. cleaning and cooking are not even camparable as you do not have to do these things everyday.it would be nice if you did but not expected. I can do those things too but if I do everything what reason would you have to be there. baby I just want you to see what realy transpires. everything around us just don't magically get done we have to do it. if you don't want to do your part now. what is it going to be like when you know you are safely married? you say it will be better but you will never like doing these things. I know I don't, but I have to, as it is a part of life. I just feel like you take me forgranted. I would love to take a break from it all but I can't. even if I could let myself, let all of these things go unattended. I don't know if I would want too because then I would really have no life other than working and paying bills. (wow fun). I do miss being sigle sometimes but not for the reasons you think. I don't want other women or be to be separated from you. I just would like to enjoy myself because I have forgot how that feels and I realy don't know if I can anymore.i think that part of my life might be over. I hope not but it seems that way.

(Can you tell we could give a shit less about grammar and capitalization?!)
Okay so now I feel bad. He has a nack at that. Okay so I guess I am a royal bitch. The end.

I totally don't think it makes you a bitch for knowing what you want. But it makes you bitchy (see, totally subtle difference ;) ) for posting it on the internets and thinking he wouldn't see it.

Looks like you'll be having lots of long conversations this weekend :0)

Propose to him yourself... the decision doesn't have to be made by the man.... your ready and you want to.. ask him... how ever be prepared for the bad answer... this might be a make or break deal. get yourselves nice rings. a local jeweler would help you make the right decision

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