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UPS & downs.....

I am peeved to the very core as I sit here. Today has been shit-T. This new job I have requires I have a laptop, that they provided, I take to and from work everyday. This is new to me as what I needed at work I always left there and it was on my desk the next day. So it really wasn't a shocker that I pulled in the parking lot this morning and realized that the laptop was still at home!!! DAMN. So I drive back home to get it and come back to work, ready to try again.

You see at this new job I actually work for a company called Lemcon out of Atlanta and I am contracted out to Nokia here in Birmingham. They found my resume on Monster. So I have had to get all the paperwork emailed to me I print it out sign it, fill it out whatever and send it back to them. On the 19th I went and had some documents notarized and then I OVERNIGHTED them by way of UPS to ATLANTA, I am in BIRMIGHAM, ALABAMA. So when I get back to work from going back home to get my laptop I get a call from the HR lady at Lemcon asking me why I never sent the paperwork I was requested to send.??????? Fuck yeah, cause I am a rebel and you don't need no stinkin' paperwork from me, bitch!!!Kidding. So I am all like "Well I mailed it as instructed let me check on that and I will call you right back."

I get my freight bill thingy out of my desk drawer and go to UPS and track it, then I get a representative on the phone. I OVERNIGHTED it on the 19th, on the 20th it arrived in Louisville, Kentucky and they have no clue where it went from there. No clue, you say??? NO CLUE. They cant even admit that it is lost until they have looked for it for eight days. So now on my lunch break I have to go and do all that shit again!!!! Forget the fact that a notarized document with my signature, address, copy of my social security card and drivers license and my finger prints are in that MISSING FUCKING ENVELOPE!!!!! I know people make mistakes and when all you handle is mail all day every day something like this is bound to happen, forget all that! Just forget it. I am now convinced that UPS hates me. Dito.

To top it off my Grandfather is in the hospital on his deathbed. I was going there at lunch for a visit but UPS wont let me. UPS thinks I should have to fix their fuck up and if the old man is still alive when I am done then, and only then can I go see him.

Death to UPS... assholes

Teehee, I second Julianne's comments.

You, your grandfather and your family are in my thoughts hun! *hugs*

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